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Audiobook Review

It's taken me far too long to finish this audiobook and no thanks by any means to the day job, where audiobook activities have been non-existent. Additionally it isn't normally an age range I'd typically go into - but willing to give it a punt.

It it a rich book, well detailed and unusually, I increased the speed to 110% as it needed a push for my ears at least.

Ts'ellbah is an interesting character, well detailed and having recently watched Prey there are numerous similarities between the woman not listened to and unfortunate events. Personally I found it over-detailed and while it may suit and appeal to a younger audience I felt it affected pacing before the key plot twists came along.

The plot twists are well structured with the personalities involved hinting at events to come. In that regard they work well and heightening the pacing as what is in shadows emerges and a suitor, and further twists and tortures to the character without giving much away as events and tensions arise.

The ending is neat and clever and naturally where the beginning plot lines and title wrap up. I expected a bit more from 'Raven' it suited the nature of the book, as did the final twist, which did well to wrap up. Potentially, her suitor could have been a separate storyarc, interwoven between Ts' events which wasn't taken up, but potential there for the future.

It was an interesting story, with a solid character and unique, vibrant culture that worked well in the setting, and all the better for it with solid research.

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