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Book Review - Blackcoat (Steve McHugh)


A quick to read and entertaining book, which is a steal for the ebook price.

Celine is a well rounded character, with her own demons and a back story that is gagging for more attention, than the glimmers offered in a couple of scenes. To me it comes across as Thin Air lite (Richard K. Morgan) and the character stands up well in comparison.

She begins in jail after a betrayal and removal of her associates, progresses through, jailbreak, escape, rearmament and a just a smidge of revenge. Worldbuilding is to the point, effective and the storyline is focused with little superfluous meat, and cool side characters, and is over all too soon.

There's no bad thing to wanting more, and something has worked well in provoking the response. At 124 pages, it has scope and space for further opportunities, and that isn't taken up. With the job offer at the end, it crossed my mind whether this was a prologue or background that was fleshed up for it's own feature.

If so, I'm massively looking forward to Celine reappearing in further adventures, with a few more scars. If not, the envelope could have been pushed further in the carnage and betrayals. The curve ball when it came was unexpected in terms of threat and worked damn well. The ending well rounded, if terse and sets up further work.

Need a short, fun and nasty read - perfect. Want something to dig yer teeth into - almost, but the opportunity is there for the taking.

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