Book Review:- Dead Man Walking (David Green)

Picked up on offer and very glad I did. It has a Dresedenesque vibe, with the sardonic twist of Garrett PI and works well, with fast, pacy storytelling and seems over all too soon. Instead of a lurking Morgan you have the boatman, much scarier.

The opener of the character dying was evocative and a nifty concept to pull you in. It will get Dresden comparisons, hard not to with the PI role, watering hole and police contacts, but it keeps things sinple with the pace and length prohibiting too much detail. The ending was neat and I see a nod to Constantine there.

The pace and length was a little bit abrupt for me, namely the rescue scene, which lacked a little depth to the inclusion in comparison to the general storyline detail.

That aside, I picked up the follow up, as the character piqued my curiosity and I look forward to see the character again, with what the story events lead into.

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