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Book Review:- Horns of the Hunter (Frank Dorrian)

I was lucky enough to nab an Arc and it was massively enjoyable and probably the darkest book I've read this year. A solid 4.5* from me and the tidiest ARC I've read in some time. Neat, tidy prose that is punchy, pacy and as effective as a knife in the balls.

Naith, built like a tank, and comes across as an utter arsehole. I particularly enjoy his transformation through to the end as he begins to use his ears and brain cells to try preventing what he unleashed.

Luw seems the romantic, and his quest for revenge on Naith is a nice twist, in love and war folks to do whatever it takes.

I probably enjoyed Sile the most. She had the vibe of The Lady in subverting both men, leading Luw astray, and twisting them both into ignoring any warning about their actions. I'd have enjoyed seeing more of her on page, even if just to see what else she manipulated.

Dark, grim, pacy. Clever in keeping events local, yet with cataclysmic consequences, when everything spirals beyond anyone's control without giving too much away.

One to entertain, and well worth anyone's notes and groats. I'm massively looking forward to the release edition.


Got to the Ebook release and wow, somehow it feels even tighter. An easy 5* and grips with the mythological battles you'd read about in ancient Greece and hurls it into almost Shakespearean tragedy. I really like the dynamic of Naith starting out as the arsehole and becoming the sensible one at the last minute. Luw starts out as protective and romanic and becomes the ultimate arsehole as Sile plays both of them to perfection and King Aedomar while he is distracted in grasping greater power.

There are no heroes, just demigods running out of control as they use others for their whims with no regards for the consequences. Brutal, sickening, grotesque, hilarious and good fun. Grimdark British writing at it's perfection.


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