Book Review - Og-Grim-Dog 1 (Jamie Edmundson)

It is a fun, fast read and ideal for someone needing a quick chuckle, or a pacy palette cleanser between series. It is short - very short, which is a disappointment when you get into it, as you are half-way done in a seeming eye-blink.

I thought it dropped in somewhere close between Nicholas Eames The Band books and the yawning void in slick humour created by the death of STP. While short, it combined a mystery against the humour of dungeon grinding, which will have many fantasy readers and gamers having a chuckle, (especially of elitist tendencies) with a sizable adventuring newcomer. The three-headed ogre concept is genius, particularly the breakdown of function to head, suggesting much thought (pun intended). The concept works well, the story entertaining, and while I'd have preferred more depth to the mystery, it is rounded off in a not entirely unexpected conclusion. I found the ending a tad too abrupt, even with the neat touches, and the Chekov's gun of the glass cannon finally letting rip.

Well worth a read and it leads neatly into the next in the series, which I'm looking forward too.

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