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Book Review:- The Devil Walks in Blood (David Green)

4.5* I enjoyed this one more than book one. The straight up feel is darker than Dresden Files and the ghost aspect is a particularly cool vibe, and that is before the major supernatural elements kick in. The dynamic between Diana and Nick is skilfully crafted in terms of Nick's development, and the major storyline that Nick walks and stumbles into. While book one feels a tad abrupt, this one has space to undulate and develop and reads better for it. Diana stood out - very neat. Marvin jnr - felt a tad polite in the cabin. Marvin Snr - another neat touch. The inheritance - I have to admit, I was waiting for that. The betrayal - unexpected, but fitting and should make the future books entertaining. While short, it packs a lot in and should be a straight up recommendation for anyone into urban fantasy. There's even a cool car...

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