Book Review - The Lessons Never Learned (Rob J. Hayes)

The War Eternal Book 2.

4.25* Ebook

5* Audiobook

As with the first book I preferred the audio format over the ebook, and was a top-notch production.

If anything I preferred the story in book 1 over this novel, but the writing this time around feels tighter.

What is surprising is how Eska ends up more tortured by the end of this book, compared to the events in escaping the pit. Her fate undulates between deities, instead of secular forces. Happiness, sadness, servitude, joy and wrenching loss squirm around Eska and her choices, as revenge evolves into power to enact said revenge, before surprise and inevitable betrayal occur.

New and old faces, mix with a new worldscape as Eska develops and enacts a new fate without giving too much away. Creative, detailed and violent events, lead to new technologies that flow naturally with hard-earned lessons and survival, with no punches being pulled. I look forward to rounding the audiobooks off in the next week.

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