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Book Review - The Maleficent Seven (Cameron Johnson)

4* (Audiobook)

A great grouping of miscreants and misfits to have at each others throats and their long standing enemies against huge odds.

It is a great brutal romp in combined interests, running out of room to hide and settings old and new scores, with a simple and direct backstory that grows in leaps and bounds against the most implacable enemies. The family.

Scummiest has to go to the poisoner.

Most entertaining, the God of war.

Coolest the villainess herself.

A great conclusion as brutality, division, betrayal and a range of characters and enemies slaughter each other. Despite everything, for some everything goes to plan.

Plenty more to come for the characters in their own right if the author chooses. While very well written, it did suffer in a few places with pacing as things dropped into place, before rocketing off into further mayhem. Ideal for anyone wanting mayhem and carnage, and a baddie to do well against greater nastiness.

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